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pizza hut zebulon nc
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By Gervais1989
September 11, 2012, 12:10
i have been a fan all along, but don't like how they switched in recent betas to not showing the notes in the scheduled tasks in the schedule view. i wish they'd at least make it an option to turn off or on. not a big deal but it was nice to see everything subject and notes depending on how long the meeting is.. now a lot more has to be entered in the subject.
pizza hut zebulon nc - Comments
By Hugo1986
April 02, 2013, 04:59
the photo above is not christv lite. the lite version doesn't have a control panel. settings are made from a context menu (right click) on the screen. after testing christv pvr i was quite surprised at the extent to which the lite version has been crippled. i believe the lite version of this program is intended only as a "come on" for you to buy one of the pay versions since it has been so extensively stripped of features.feature wise, the km player and pvr are in the same ball park except for the cost. the downside is the km player doesn't have a tv setup wizard so it *will* take more effort to configure properly, but you *will* save euro.addendum: i forgot to mention keyboard shortcuts are available for the common functions in addition to the context menu, but changing channels using the keyboard is frustrating. active channels are placed consecutively in a list starting with number 1 and that is the number you enter, not the tv channel number. since not all channels are active, the numbers won't agree. to watch channel 95 i have to type in 57. (i believe this is true of all christv versions.)addendum 2: even after declining to install the relevant knowledge spyware, immediately after installation the rkverify.exe process was running in memory. after rebooting and restarting christv, the process was gone and the file could not located on the computer. i did, however, find it inside of the christv installation file in the rk folder. i seriously question why this file was running, if only one time, since rk was declined during installation. this would explain why some people are getting av alerts when installing christv lite.one final complaint: a "nag" line is annoyingly displayed across the top of the screen each time the program is started and remains there until the channel is changed.my rating of christv lite is 0 stars.
pizza hut zebulon nc - Comments
By Job1987
October 17, 2012, 20:16
re-post. . .i still am running windows 7 64-bit. and safari as of this writing, presently at version 5.0.4, running on this os (and perhaps on all windows os's?) does not allow a person to paste an url into the address field and go to (load) that new url: neither is there is a "go" button, and the reload page button just reloads the current page it is already on, and pressing the enter key also just reloads the current page it is already on.i know that by pressing the space bar and then pressing the enter key will take you to the new website. but what i am looking for is a "go" button; and/or something akin to the "paste and go" extension (as used in opera, chrome and firefox 4 beta) - does anyone know if such an extension exists? (there is none listed in the safari extension gallery.) thanks.
pizza hut zebulon nc - Comments
By Harvey1985
May 14, 2013, 10:05
i decided to try this as i am setting up a new laptop sitting just to the left of my main pc. i am really impressed. simply move the mouse to the left side of the screen and you have instant control of the laptop using the pc's mouse and keyboard. saves a lot of time. just drag the files from the pc to the laptop. simple to set up.
pizza hut zebulon nc - Comments
By Reuben1982
September 26, 2012, 15:04
this is thee converter to use. all you chinese conver spammpers can fockof! keep your crappy converter apps in china!

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