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buku kamus ilmiah populer
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buku kamus ilmiah populer - Comments
By Damian1971
November 01, 2012, 13:55
i agree it's a waste of both time and energy since you can go to the store and buy a calander.the other problem that i have with the mozilla project is in their addonn. these addons are most often unsigned which means the developer didn't want his/her name to appear when d/ling. this doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in what you are d/ling which is to bad because there is a lot of addons that i like but won't d/l because they are unsign.
buku kamus ilmiah populer - Comments
By Hiram1974
December 11, 2012, 05:31
fixed the taskbar issue and now lists the location. tyvm
buku kamus ilmiah populer - Comments
By Peregrin1983
November 09, 2012, 23:18
i bought easy tether a year and a half ago and it worked great until a month ago when i downloaded the version 1.1.1 update on my phone. i have a samsung galaxy prevail on the boost mobile network. after numeros attempts to get help from mobile stream support techs i have finally given up. all they do is ask the same questions over and over and have made no attempt to resolve the situation. i'm sure their software works well with many other phones, but it does not work with all the phones they say it does. ask around before you buy this and make sure it's working for others on your same type of phone and your same network. as for customer service or tech support... don't count on getting any when you need it.
buku kamus ilmiah populer - Comments
By Nathan1973
April 13, 2013, 02:57
i hear you! i had to reinstall my os because i used the registry cleaner! with such small files being installed into the registry, just leave it alone. there is no way that any registry cleaner could possibly know all of the file names that program writers make up and install. bad idea!
buku kamus ilmiah populer - Comments
By Humphry1981
March 29, 2013, 19:50
i recently purchased a nifty hp pavilion dm1 notebook. it came with windows 7 64 bit and it was doing just fine. then, a few days ago i made a very stupid move and downloaded the windows 8 pre-release evaluation. what i didn't know was that once downloaded win 8 can't be removed. i tried to bring it back to factory settings, but windows 8 wiped that out, as well as all other hp programs that came with the note book. as i write, my bluetooth still doesn't work.i had to find hp drivers for my notebook to try and bring back to standard. some of them work and some don't. since my hp notebook doesn't come with a dvd optical drive i had to order one and also had to order a recovery disk from hp. as soon as these items arrive, i'll be nuking win 8 and get back to using win 7, which when you don't have it, one knows how good it was in comparison.as for win 8, it has some interesting do-dads. the start screen looks like my wife's lumia and quite frankly it sucks. to me it's gimicky and a bit childish. it gets in the way of doing what you want to do do with the computer. i could go on, but i've said enough. in short, i won't be shelling out any shekels for win 8, as it already has cost me a considerable amount of money attempting to get my new notebook back to its original condition. and yes, i was stupid.

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trã¸s pratique, ergonomique, bonne continuation ne vous arrãºtez pas en si bon chemin !

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