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Flash player 9 on psp

file size: 69.82 MB
flash player 9 on psp
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flash player 9 on psp - Comments
By Garry1974
January 14, 2013, 08:20
some impressive result... fast i have a folder i use to drop all the images and pdfs and such that end up on my desk. i dragged it to the file optimizer window and got a list of the 72 files that where in there and sub-folders.the overall size went down by 15.1 mb (15,872,000 bytes) / 35.6 mb (37,384,192 bytes) = 42.4%? did i do that right...only 42 of the files where altered so the crcs had change. i used a synchronize to compare the new folder with the original i backed up.but it was not clear when selecting a file in the file optimizer list if the context menu would process just that file or the whole list. so i suggest allowing users to select files or have the text in the context menu reflect the range of files to be processed like "precess all". or at least let the user know in the documentation what to expect.every one is going to say this overwrites files without asking so maybe a warning would relieve these concerns. or an option to backup all files changed...ok, that said, non of my files seem any worse for wear. but i'm no x'pert.
flash player 9 on psp - Comments
By Walter1982
September 14, 2012, 07:30
eh? to "pick" in this context means to "choose"... they are synonymous. whenever you select a color, whether from screen or from all available colors, you are "color picking". hard to believe the author comes here to argue this point.as others have pointed out, it works but why use it when other utils do this and more...
flash player 9 on psp - Comments
By Piers1982
February 08, 2013, 16:19
been using shoutcast for a while, the latest is excellent.
flash player 9 on psp - Comments
By Calvin1976
February 22, 2013, 02:22
excellent program that works unobtrusively in the background, updates automatically, includes real time protection and is completely free.
flash player 9 on psp - Comments
By Gabriel1975
April 13, 2013, 10:07
i had the misfortune of fixing my neighbours pc yesterday that had crawled to a halt & had difficulty closing down or re-starting. the cause was a messed up avg free installation after removing it & spending some time cleaning the pc up all was ok - avoid what was once a decent av but no longer.

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is there any other sites like keepvid

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